1 Half way to Airline xing Monon lkg S at 300S 1a Half way  lkg N at 200S 2 W wall lkg NW 2a E wall lkg NE 3 Span lkg S 3a ew lkg ne 4 ew lkg se climb 4a E wall to L of person on grd 5 N part of W wall from top of E wall 5 same as 4 no person ww from top ew 5a W wall lkg SW 6 Top of E wall lkg NW 7 Top ctr E wall lkg N 7a E from top ctr E wall 7b lkg w at bridge edge from top 8 421 lkg W and down 15' 8 at hwy421 lkg W and down 15' 9 at hwy 421 lkg  e 9a zoom  421 lkg E-private fish pond 13a zoom of 10 14 e of wozniak rd-below grade 15 prob ruins of bridge under woz rd 20  W of Holmesville Rd-ROW at L by yard 21 E of Holmesville Rd-raised ROW 21a ROW lkg NE-E of Holmesville Rd 22 ROW E of Wozniak Rd 23b Airline prob went under Wozniak Rd Airline 1982 421 .25 mi W-no growth after 70 yrs railroadmarker

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