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The definitive website on the life and work of the pioneering feminist writer, film-maker, and media personality Mary MacLane (1881-1929)

Michael R. Brown

Michael R. Brown was born in a London suburb in the mid-1960s, grew up on the East Coast of the United States, graduated from military high school then studied the Western canon at St. John's College. While holding a series of working-class jobs, in 1985 he discovered Mary MacLane's I Await the Devil's Coming in an old psychology paperback. After moving to the West Coast, years of research into her writing and life culminated in the first MacLane collection ever - Tender Darkness: A Mary MacLane Anthology (1993) - with sustained research thereafter for the first large-scale presentation of her writing - 2012's Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader. He is presently completing a comprehensive study of MacLane in four books: the first-ever biography/cultural-literary analysis (A Quite Unusual Intensity of Life: The Lives, Worlds, and Works of Mary MacLane), a 1000+-page collection of reactions from readers, reporters, scholars and writers from 1902 to the present day (Mary in The Press: Miss MacLane and Her Fame), a volume of her letters (The Letters of Mary MacLane), and a collection of her journalism and interviews (Mary MacLane: Her Articles and Interviews). Between Tender Darkness and Human Days he published the well-reviewed experimental memoir She and I: A Fugue in 2009. He lives on the West Coast and can be contacted by email or via the Mary MacLane Facebook community. His lengthy memoir on discovering MacLane and publishing Tender Darkness is available for reading here.

Philip Lipson

Born in the postwar boom decades, Philip Lipson has honed his research skills over decades of exploration in every kind of archive for his research clients. He was the first major MacLane researcher on record and, after a visit to Butte in 1970, he made important finds including MacLane's earliest known writing and her personal letters archived in Chicago. His company, Awesome Research Unlimited, headquartered outside of Seattle, specializes in personal and professional research and finds what other researchers can't. Philip says: "I specialize in finding impossible to find information about ordinary people, though I have made finds even about Presidents. My partner and I were the first to locate Barack Obama’s address in Seattle when he was a baby for the book Barack Obama: The Story by David Marannis (who also wrote the definitive biography of Bill Clinton). My passion is creating biographies and bibliographies of regular people who had their time in the sun, so that they are understood and remembered in times to come. I have access to newspaper archives and many other sources both online and in libraries that are not available to the average person. What I do is a labor of love but as a professional with a Master’s Degree in Library Science - my research into Mary MacLane alone has already turned up over 5,000 newspaper, magazine, and book citations - I offer the following fee schedule: free phone or e-mail consultation to see how I can best help you / first two items free as an introduction / from then on $20 per page or $20 per hour (negotiable). If you want specific items that can be discussed. If you have questions, requests, or want quick answers contact me via Gmail or message me via Facebook."

Dr. Virginia Terris (1918-2012)

Dr. Virginia Terris was associated with our research work for a number of years. Her Mary MacLane research material was generously donated upon her death so that other scholars might continue to benefiit from it. The following obituary was published in New York's Newsday: "TERRIS - Virginia R., 94, of Freeport, NY died on 12 January 2012. She was the wife of Albert, the loving mother of four children and is survived by seven grandchildren and six great-grand-children. She was a Professor of English at Adelphi University; she also founded the bargaining unit of AAUP and was later co-secretary and editor of the retirees newsletter. Her numerous publications include an annotated bibliography Woman in America, The Many Worlds of Poetry as co-editor, and books on The Poetry and Prose of David Ignatow and two volumes of his poetry all as editor or co-editor. She has written scholarly articles on Mary MacLane and other writers which have been published in various magazines and encyclopedias. Her poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies since 1929, including The Nation, The New Yorker, Paris Review, New Letters and numerous Long Island publications. She was director of the LI division of the Poetry Society of America in the 1980s. A short collection of poems was just published posthumously. She encouraged the literary efforts of many younger writers and was loved and admired by many. A memorial and reception will be held at 11 AM at the South Nassau Unitarian Universalist Church at 228 South Ocean Avenue, Freeport, NY on Saturday, 24 March, 2012.


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