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"I, of Womankind and Nineteen Years..."


23 September 2014 by Admin

US and international editions of Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader will be available in print and e-book form within the next few days.

Petrarca Press is accepting preorders for paperback and hardcover editions. Email us for pricing and to receive announcements of forthcoming general releases in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK; be sure to indicate your country of residence.

If you don't like waiting, head over to the e-shop.

Preorders being Accepted

29 November 2011 by Admin

Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader is presently in print in a limited edition in Australia in connection with the premiere of Bojana Novakovic's play "The Story of Mary MacLane - by Herself." Copies are available at award-winning Avenue Bookstore's concession at the Malthouse Theatre. Email Avenue for purchase inquiries.

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